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Kansas Applied Remote Sensing: Publications

Moskal, L.M., K. Price, M. Jakubauskas, E. A. Martinko. 2001. Comparison of hyperspectral AVIRIS and Landsat TM imagery for estimating burn site pine seedling regeneration densities in the Central Plateau of Yellowstone National Park. International Forestry and Agriculture Remote Sensing Conference.download pdf
Ellis, J., K. Price, R. Boone, F. Yu, C. Togtohyn, M. Yu. 2001. Integrated assessment of climate change effects on steppe vegetation in Mongolia and Inner Mongolia. Open Symposium on Change and Sustainability of Passtoral Land Use Systems in Temperate and Central Asia.
Egbert, S., D. Peterson, A.M. Stewart, C.L. Lauver, C.F. Blodgett, K. Price, E. A. Martinko. 2001. The Kansas GAP land cover map final report. Kansas Biological Survey, Lawrence, KS Report No. 99.
Egbert, S., S. Park, A.M. Stewart, D. Peterson, C.L. Lauver, K. Price, E. A. Martinko. 2001. Landscape structure and the U.S. Conservation Research program on the Central High Plains. ASPRS Annual Meeting.
Kastens, J., K. Price, D.L. Kastens, E. A. Martinko. 2001. Forecasting pre-harvest crop yields using time series analysis of AVHRR NDVI composite imagery. ASPRS Annual Meeting.
Jakubauskas, M., D.R. Legates, J. Kastens. 2001. Harmonic analysis of time-series AVHRR NDVI data. Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 67(4):461-470.download pdf
Kastens, D.L., K. Price, E. A. Martinko, J. Kastens. 2001. Using crop masks and remotely sensed data to develop pre-harvest forecasts of winter wheat yields in Kansas. ASPRS Annual Meeting.
Whistler, J.L., X. Guo, M. Houts, K.P. Price, E.A. Martinko and D. DePardo. 2001. Developing a multispectral data acquisition system for capturing hi-resolution airborne digital imagery. Proceedings, ASPRS 2001: Gateway to the New Millennium, St. Louis, MO, April 2001.
Griffith, J., E. A. Martinko, J. Whistler. 2000. Vegetation phenological metrics and their relation to water quality and biophysical condition in Central Plains streams. Proceedings, American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.
Egbert, S., R. Lee, S. Park, K. Price, J. Wu, M.D. Nellis. 2000. Using CRP maps derived from satellite imagery to characterize landscape structure and relationships. Geospatial Information in Agriculture and Forestry I:520-526.


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