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Everhart, R.C. 2015. Asian Carp Environmental DNA (eDNA) in the Osage River Basin. KBS Report. 16pp.download pdf
Friman, V., L. Guzman, D.C. Reuman, and T. Bell. 2015. “Bacterial adaptation to sublethal antibiotic gradients can change the ecological properties of multitrophic microbial communities.” Proceedings of the Royal Society B 282 (December): 20142920.
Parsekian, A., K. Dlubac, E. Grunewald, J.J. Butler, Jr., R. Knight, and D.O. Walsh. 2015. Bootstrap calibration and uncertainty estimation of downhole NMR hydraulic conductivity estimates in an unconsolidated aquifer. Groundwater 53(1):111-121.
Signorile, L., J. Wang, D.C. Reuman, S. Bertolino, and P. Lurz. 2015. “How population genetics can contribute to the management of grey squirrel invasions.” In Ecology, Conservation & Management in Europe, C. Shuttleworth, P. Lurz, and M. Hayward. United Kingdom: European Squirrel Initiative.
Bowes, R.E., and J.H. Thorp. 2015. “Consequences of employing amino acid vs. bulk-tissue, stable isotope analysis: a laboratory trophic position experiment.” Ecosphere 6 (1): 12.
Huggins, D. and D. Baker. 2015. Diagnostic study of the lakes Laborde (or Lake Cocoyer), Lachaux, and Douat to identify zones of protection. Kansas Biological Survey Report No. 181. 76pp.download pdf
Martin, L.M., and B.J. Wilsey. 2015. Differences in beta diversity between exotic and native grasslands vary with scale along a latitudinal gradient. Ecology 96(4):1042-1051.
Kohl, L., J. Laganiere, K.A. Edwards, S.A. Billings, P.L. Morrill, G. Van Biesen, and S.E. Ziegler. 2015. “Distinct fungal and bacterial delta C-13 signatures as potential drivers of increasing delta C-13 of soil organic matter with depth.” Biogeochemistry 124, no. 1-3 (May): 13-26. doi:10.1007/s10533-015-0107-2. ISSN: 0168-2563.
Foster, B.L., G.R. Houseman, D.R. Hall, and S.E. Hinman. 2015. Does tallgrass prairie restoration enhance the invasion resistance of post-agricultural lands? Biological Invasions 17: 3579-3590.
Eli, J., B. Haines-Eitzen1, J. Lee, D. Lee, and G.R. Pisani. 2015. Effects of drought on two small Kansas snakes. Reptiles and Amphibians: Conservation and Natural History 22(4):153-155.
McAllister, C., R. Blaine, P. Kron, B. Bennett, H. Garrett, J. Kidson, B. Matzenbacher, A. Glotzbach, and A.J. Miller. 2015. Environmental correlates of cytotype distribution in Andropogon gerardii (Poaceae). American Journal of Botany 102:92-102.
Wilsey, B.J., K. Barber, and L.M. Martin. 2015. Exotic grassland species have stronger priority effects than natives regardless of whether they are cultivated or wild genotypes. New Phytologist 205: 928-937.
Keane, B., S. Ross, T.O. Crist and N.G. Solomon. 2015. Fine scale spatial patterns of genetic relatedness among resident adult prairie voles. Journal of Mammalogy 96:1194-1202.
Yvon-Durocher, G., A. Allen, M. Cellamare, M. Dossena, K. Gaston, M. Leitao, J. Montoya, D. Reuman, G. Woodward, and M. Trimmer. 2015. “Five years of experimental warming increases the biodiversity and productivity of phytoplankton communities.” PLoS Biology (December) 10.1371/journal.pbio.1002324.
Haddad, N.M., L.A. Brudvig, J. Clobert, K.F. Davies, A. Gonzalez, R.D. Holt, T.E. Lovejoy, J.O. Sexton, M.P. Austin, C.D. Collins, W.M. Cook, E.I. Damschen, R.M. Ewers, B.L. Foster, C.N. Jenkins, A.J. King, W.F. Laurance, D.J. Levey, C.R. Margules, B.A. Melbourne, A.O. Nicholls, J.L. Orrock, D.-X. Song, and J.R. Townshend. 2015. Habitat fragmentation and its lasting impact on Earth’s ecosystems. Science Advances (American Association for the Advancement of Science) 1 (2). http://advances.sciencemag.org/content/1/2/e1500052, doi:10.1126/sciadv.1500052.
Houseman, G.R., and A.K. Mahoney. 2015. Intraspecific seed interactions alter seedling emergence of Lespedeza cuneata under field conditions. Population Ecology. doi:10.1007/s10144-015-0495-0.
Billings, S., L. Tiemann, F. Ballantyne IV, C. Lehmeier, and K. Min. 2015. Investigating microbial transformations of soil organic matter: Synthesizing knowledge from disparate fields to guide new experimentation. Soil (European Geophysical Union) 1 (September): 313-330.
Billings, S.A., and W.H. Schlesinger. 2015. Letter to the Editor on “Pyrogenic organic matter production from wildfires: A missing sink in the global carbon cycle.” Global Change Biology 21, no. 8 (August): 2831. doi:10.1111/gcb.12836. ISSN: 1354-1013.
Middleton, E., S. Richardson, L. Koziol, C.E. Palmer, Z. Yermakov, J.A. Henning, P.A. Schultz, and J.D. Bever. 2015. Locally-adapted arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi improve vigor and resistance to herbivory of native prairie plant species. Ecosphere 6:276. http://dx.doi.org/10.1890/ES15-00152.1
Shu, S., A.M. Maeda-Martinez, D.C. Rogers, J. Yang, and X. Chen. 2015. Morphological characterization of Streptocephalus sirindhornae (Branchiopoda: Anostraca) from South East Asia: First record of the Streptocephalidae from China. Zootaxa 3911 (3): 447–450. http://www.mapress.com/zootaxa/2015/s/zt03911p450.pdf


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