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May, E.M. 1982. New records of Kansas Hydrophilidae (Insecta: Coleoptera). Technical Publications of the State Biological Survey of Kansas, University of Kansas 12:94-104.
Cink, C.L. and R.L. Boyd. 1982. Ovenbird nesting in Douglas County, Kansas. Kansas Ornithological Society Bulletin 33(1):17-19.
May, E.M. 1982. Records of Limonia crane flies in Kansas (Diptera: Tipulidae). Technical Publications of the State Biological Survey of Kansas, University of Kansas 12:89-93.
deWit, C.A. 1982. Resistance of the prairie vole (Microtus ochrogaster) and the woodrat (Neotoma floridana), in Kansas, to venom of the Osage copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix phaeogaster). Toxicon 20(4):709-714.
Fitch, H.S. 1982. Resources of a snake community in prairie-woodland habitat of northeastern Kansas. In N.J. Scott Jr. (ed.), Herpetological Communities: A Symposium of the Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles and the Herpetologists' League. August 1977. U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Wildlife Research Report 13:83-97.download pdf
Carnes, B.A. and N.A. Slade. 1982. Some comments on niche analysis in canonical space. Ecology 63(4):888-893.
The effect of watering on a prairie vole population...Citation pending
Wintering bird populations of selected oak-hickory forests in northeastern Kansas...Citation pending
deWit, C.A. 1982. Yield of venom from the Osage copperhead, Agkistrodon contortrix phaeogaster. Toxicon 20(2):525-527.
Martinko, E. A., E.A. Roth, J.W. Merchant. 1981. Land use/land cover inventory of the Missouri River Flood Plain: Ponca, Nebraska - St. Louis, Missouri. Missouri River Basin Commission 21 pp.
Martinko, E. A., J. Poracsky, E.R. Kipp, H. Krieger, K. Gunn. 1981. Crop phenology and Landsat based irrigated lands inventory in the High Plains. National Aeronautics and Space Administration 139.
Martinko, E. A., T.H.L. Williams. 1981. An evaluation of medium format light aircraft vertical photography for selected crop studies. Farmland Industries, Inc. 73 pp.
Martinko, E. A., J.L. Hamrick. 1981. Pesticide use reduction through integrated control procedures on Musk Thistle. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 103 pp.
Kettle, W., H. Fitch. 1981. 22-year prairie management report (Kansas). Journal of Restoration and Management Notes 1:9-10.
Martinko, E. A. 1981. A perspective on low-cost digital image processing. National Aeronautics and Space Administration 2197:229-230.
Martinko, E. A. 1981. The University of Kansas Applied Remote Sensing Program: An operational perspective. National Aeronautics and Space Administration 2197:325-327.
Martinko, E. A. 1981. Monitoring agricultural growth in pronghorn antelope habitat. PECORA 7 210-216.
Huggins, D., P. Liechti, L.C. Ferrington Jr.. 1981. Guide to the Freshwater Invertebrates of the Midwest. Technical Publications of the State Biological Survey of Kansas 11:1-221.
Huggins, D. 1981. New state and distributional records for Kansas Plecoptera. Technical Publications of the State Biological Survey of Kansas 10:65-70.
Fitch, H.S., W.S. Brown, and W.S. Parker. 1981. Coluber mormon, a species distinct from C. constrictor. Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science 84(4):196-203.download pdf


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