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Complete list of publications for Jerry Whistler

Whistler, J., J. Dunham. 1995. Pracht Wetland landcover inventory. Kansas Biological Survey, Lawrence, KS. download pdf
Liechti, P., J. Whistler, A. Clements, J. Dunham. 1995. Neosho vegetation inventory study. Kansas Biological Survey, Lawrence, KS Report No. 6:22 pp.
Dillworth, M.E., J. Whistler, J.W. Merchant. 1994. A comparison of geometric and geographic windows for measuring landscape structure. Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 60(10):1215-1224.
Lauver, C., J. Whistler. 1993. A hierarchical classification of Landsat TM data to identify natural grassland areas and rare species habitat. Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 59(5):627-634.
Jakubauskas, M., J. Whistler, M.E. Dillworth, E. A. Martinko. 1992. Classifying remotely sensed data for use in an agricultural non-point source pollution model. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 47(2):179-182.
Lauver, C., J. Whistler. 1992. Using Landsat TM imagery to estimate coverage of natural grassland and rare species habitat. ASPRS/ACSM Annual Convention and Exposition Technical Papers 1:241-246.
Lauver, C., J. Whistler. 1991. The use of Landsat Thematic Mapper data to identify high quality grasslands and rare species habitat in Eastern Kansas. Natural Areas Conference NPS D-374:214-221.
Jakubauskas, M., J. Whistler, M.E. Dillworth. 1990. Derivation of nonpoint source pollution model inputs from remotely sensed data. ASPRS Annual Meeting 44-53.
Martinko, E. A., J.W. Merchant, D.O. Whittemore, J. Whistler. 1987. Development of a prototype geographic information system for groundwater quality protection in Kansas. Kansas Department of Health and Environment 27 pp.


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