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1990 Kansas Land Cover Patterns

1991 to 2008
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We are pleased to announce the release of an update to the 1990 Kansas Land Cover Patterns (KLCP1990) map. The update version differs from the original release in four ways; First, the data format for the original release was an ArcInfo coverage, while the update release is an ArcInfo GRID. Second, the original's projection was Geographic with NAD83 datum. The update's projection is Albers Conic Equal Area with NAD83 datum. Third, the coding scheme for land cover classes was changed to match the coding scheme used in the Kansas Land Cover Patterns 2005 database. Fourth, an additional generalization procedure that was utilized for the 2005 KLCP database was applied to the 1990 KLCP database (see addendum to Process Description). This update facilitates comparing the 1990 KLCP dataset to the 2005 KLCP dataset on a more equal basis.

Original processing of the KLCP1990 map was conducted between January 1991 to December 1993. This update was completed in October of 2008.

Kansas Land Cover Patterns 1990 (update) (12Mb, .zip archive file)(updated 02/16/09)

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