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The Biogeochemistry of Soil Nitrogen Cycling with Changing Precipitation Regimes Central Plains 2009
Linking Whole Ecosystem Stoichiometry to Individual-level Nutrient Dynamics International 2009
Vegetation and Moisture Heterogeneity as Influences on Mass and Energy Fluxes and Lower Boundary Layer Turbulence Statewide 2009
Soil Organic Matter Processing with Warming in the Moist Boreal Forests of Eastern Canada Eastern Canada 2009
Information Theory Metrics and Land-Atmosphere Interactions Statewide 2009
Soil Erosion as an Influence on Atmospheric CO2 Statewide 2009
Regional Impacts of Global Climate Change Central US 2009
Tree Susceptibility to Insect-Driven Disturbance Ozark Mountains 2009
Stable Isotopes of Carbon and Oxygen as Indicators of Tree Response to Climate North America 2009
Native Medicinal Plant Research Program University of Kansas 2009
Soil Organic Matter Dynamics and Microbial Activity with Elevated CO2 and Altered N Availability in a Pine Forest North America 2009
Biofuel Crop Choices and Regional Carbon Cycling North America 2009
Algal biofuel research University of Kansas 2009
Ecology of the Smooth Earth Snake (Virginia valeriae) and Redbelly Snake (Storeria occipitomaculata) in northeastern Kansas Northeast Kansas 2009
Assessment of the Current State of the American Burying Beetle (Nicrophorus americanus Oliver) in Southeastern Kansas Southeastern Kansas 2009
Biological impairment in Kansas reservoirs and lotic ecosystems due to erosion and sediment Banner Creek, Centralia, and Atchison Lakes 2009
Bowman Expedition: Study of Transportation in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 2009
Dissertation Research: Beyond the Black Box: Understanding the Relationship between Microbial Community Structure and Function under Environmental Stress and Disturbance Eastern Kansas 2009
Extending the geographic range of a tree-ring study: Understanding forest responses to disturbances, decades later. 2009
GreenReport and crop yield forecasting 2009


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