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Building data infrastructure, network capacity, and research engagement KU Field Station 2014
Can metabolic traits limit species invasions under climate change? 2014
Continued development of a Potential Wetland Areas (PWA) in Kansas using LiDAR and the Topographic Wetland Identification Process (TWIP). 2014
Conversion of existing farm ponds to wetlands in agricultural landscapes for mitigation, land use treatment and conservation with a perspective toward climate change Delaware River watershed, Kansas 2014
Creating a center for metagenomic microbial community analysis 2014
Dissolved greenhouse gases. 2014
Do phosphorus cycling time lags delay the response of lakes to ecological restoration? 2014
Edison Branchiopod Crustacean Egg Bank Assessment California 2014
Expanded development of an online lakes and reservoirs data portal for the State of Kansas. 2014
Integrated geospatial decision support tool for flood disaster response in Kansas: A NASA-Kansas Partnership. 2014
Kansas State Mosquito Surveillance Kansas 2014
Kickapoo Macroinvertebrate Sampling Kansas Biological Survey 2014
McIntyre-Stennis. 2014
Modeling of CONUS soil C 2014
Playa Mapping and Assessment Western Kansas 2014
Potawatomie Macroinvertebrate Sampling Kansas Biological Survey 2014
Restoration of understory plant communities at the Savannah River Site 2014
San Diego River Macroinvertebrate Sample Identification II San Diego, California 2014
Seasonal Wetland Crustacean Identifications Kansas Biological Survey 2014
Stateview program development and operations for the State of Kansas 2014


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