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  • November 2001 Biocriteria Workshop on Bioassessment in the Central Plains

November 2001 Biocriteria Workshop on Bioassessment in the Central Plains

  • Date Held: 6 - 7 November 2001
  • Location: Holiday Inn Holidome, Lawrence, KS
  • Attendance: The conference was attended by 50 people from 7 states


The objective of this meeting was to bring together habitat and water quality experts from various agencies in USEPA Region 7 and surrounding areas for these purposes:

  1. To agree upon intended uses of habitat data. Review work from the Dec 2000 Biocriteria meeting and refine--identify the core habitat measures and discuss precision relative to these measures.
  2. To present the general concepts of the Aquatic Life Use Support (ALUS) model. Discuss the relevance of this model for establishing regional reference conditions and designating uses.
    Provide an opportunity for questions, comments and feedback.
  3. Reference Sites Progress Report. Review the results of the reference site workshop. Provide an update and discussion on current and future activities regarding Central Plains reference sites.


Click below to view the handouts by Susan Jackson, USEPA Office of Science and Technology.

  • Slides - National Framework for Tiered Aquatic Life Uses in State and Tribal Water Quality Standards (232k.doc)
  • Slides - Establishing Regional Reference Conditions & Designating Aquatic Life Uses (240k .doc)
  • Tiered Aquatic Life Use Workgroup Memo (27k .doc)
  • Interpretive Context and Application of the Biological Condition Gradient (34 k .doc)
  • Executive Summary: Biological Condition Gradient (40k .doc)
  • Biological Condition Gradient (55 k .doc)
  • Biological Condition Gradient: Attribute Matrix (38 k .doc)
  • Biological Condition Gradient: Hypothetical Example Scenario: A cold-water stream catchment in the State of Maine, United States (86 k .doc)
  • Definitions (Biological Condition Gradient) (28 k .doc)

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