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Huggins, D. 1976. The sympatric occurrence of three species of Eubranchipoda in Douglas County, Kansas. Southwestern Naturalist 20:557-578.
Maughan, O.E. and H.S. Fitch. 1976. A new pholcid spider from northeastern Kansas (Arachnida: Araneida). Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society 49(2):304-311.
Pippitt, D.D. 1976. A radiotelemetric study of the winter energetics of the opossum Didelphis virginiana Kerr. Ph.D. Dissertation. University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS. 109 p.
Kring, R.L. and W.J. O'Brien. 1976. Accommodation of Daphnia pulex to altered pH conditions as measured by feeding rate. Limnology and Oceanography 21(2):313-315.
Cink, C.L. 1976. American woodcock nesting in Jefferson County, Kansas. Kansas Ornithological Society Bulletin 27(1):9.
Kring, R.L. and W.J. O'Brien. 1976. Effect of varying oxygen concentrations on the filtering rate of Daphnia pulex. Ecology 57(4):808-814.
Vinyard, G.L. and W.J. O'Brien. 1976. Effects of light and turbidity on the reactive distance of bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus). Journal of the Fisheries Research Board of Canada 33:2845-2849.
Rose, R.K. and M.S. Gaines. 1976. Levels of aggression in fluctuating populations of the prairie vole, Microtus ochrogaster, in eastern Kansas. Journal of Mammalogy 57(1):43-57.
Life cycle and behavior of a primitively social bee, Lasioglossum rohweri (Hymenoptera: Halictidae)...Citation pending
Gaines, M.S. and R.K. Rose. 1976. Population dynamics of Microtus ochrogaster in eastern Kansas. Ecology 57(6):1145-1161.
Martinko, E.A. 1976. Seasonal changes in diversity of three adjacent insect communities. Ph.D. Dissertation. University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS. 159 p.
Huggins, D.G., P.M. Liechti, and D.W. Roubik. 1976. Species accounts for certain aquatic macroinvertebrates from Kansas (Odonata, Hemiptera, Coleoptera and Sphaeriidae). Technical Publications of the State Biological Survey of Kansas, University of Kansas 1:13-77.
Cink, C.L. 1976. The influence of early learning on nest site selection in the house sparrow. Condor 78(1):103-104.
Title of article...Citation pending
Liechti, P., W.J. Bell. 1975. Brooding behavior of the Cuban burrowing cockroack Byrsotria fumigata (Blaberidae, Blattaria). Insectes Sociaux 22(1):35-45.
Cross, F., D. Huggins. 1975. Skipjack herring, Alosa chrysochloris, in the Missouri River Basin. Copeia 2:382-385.
Collins, J. 1975. Observations on reproduction in the southern coal skink (Eumeces anthracinus pluvialis Cope). Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science 77(2):126-127.
Fitch, H.S. 1975. A demographic study of the ringneck snake (Diadophis punctatus) in Kansas. University of Kansas Museum of Natural History Miscellaneous Publication 62:1-53.
Sanders, T.B. 1975. Allozyme variation in Elymus canadensis populations from the tall grass prairie region of the Great Plains. Ph.D. Dissertation. University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS. 67 p.
Vinyard, G.L. and W.J. O'Brien. 1975. Dorsal light response as an index of prey preference in bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus). Journal of the Fisheries Research Board of Canada 32(10):1860-1863.


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