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Complete list of publications for Debbie Baker

Baker, D., D. Huggins. 2005. Sub-sampling techniques for macroinvertebrates, fish, and benthic algae sampled in biological monitoring of streams and rivers. Kansas Biological Survey, Lawrence, KS Open-File Report No. 132:26 pp. download pdf
Wang, S.H., D. Huggins, N. Lim, D. Baker, W.W. Spotts, C.A. Goodrich, J. deNoyelles, S. Campbell, L. Frees, C. Volkman. 2003. Cheney Reservoir water quality and its watershed assessment. Kansas Biological Survey, Lawrence, KS Report No. 112:37 pp. download pdf
Huggins, D., W.W. Spotts, S.H. Wang, N. Lim, D. Baker. 2003. Validation of best management practices on eight Kansas farms. Kansas Biological Survey, Lawrence, KS Report No. 105:88 pp. download pdf
Baker, D., C. Morse. 2001. Disaster recovery in the herbarium. Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections 15:26-35.
Converse, S.S., D. Baker. 2000. Geographic distribution, Lampropeltis triangulum multistrata. Herpetological Review 31:186.


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