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Complete list of publications for Mike Houts

Houts, M., K. Price, R.D. Applegate. 2002. Using AVHRR satellite data to model pheasant population trends in northwest Kansas. ASPRS-ACSM Annual Conference and FIG XXII Congress 7 pp. download pdf
Houts, M. 2001. Modeling gray wolf habitat in the northern Rocky Mountains. University of Kansas 91 pp. download pdf
Houts, M., K. Price, E. A. Martinko. 2001. Differences in onset of greenness: A multitemporal analysis of grass and wheat in Kansas. International Forestry and Agriculture Remote Sensing Conference. download pdf
Whistler, J.L., X. Guo, M. Houts, K.P. Price, E.A. Martinko and D. DePardo. 2001. Developing a multispectral data acquisition system for capturing hi-resolution airborne digital imagery. Proceedings, ASPRS 2001: Gateway to the New Millennium, St. Louis, MO, April 2001.
Houts, M., R. Lee, K. Price, S. Egbert, E. A. Martinko. 2000. Using 10-meter digital airborne imagery to classify crop types in Iowa. Geospatial Information in Agriculture and Forestry II:453-459.
Houts, M., K. Price, E. A. Martinko, D.L. Kastens. 1999. Monitoring gray wolf populations in the Northern Rocky Mountains. ASPRS Annual Meeting.


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