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Complete list of publications for William H. Busby

Feinsinger, P., W. H. Busby. 1987. Pollen carryover: Experimental comparisons between morphs of Palicourea lasiorrachis (Rubiaceae), a distylous, bird-pollinated, tropical treelet. Oecologia 73:231-235.
Feinsinger, P., J. Beach, Y.B. Linhart, W. H. Busby, K.G. Murray. 1987. Disturbance, pollinator predictability, and pollination success among Costa Rican cloud forest plants. Ecology 68:1294-1305.
Feinsinger, P., K.G. Murray, S. Kinsman, W. H. Busby. 1986. Floral neighborhood and pollination success in four hummingbird-pollinated plant species of a Costa Rican cloud forest. Ecology 67:449-464.
Barlow, B.A., D. Wiens, C. Wiens, W. H. Busby, C. Brighton. 1978. Permanent translocation heterozygosity in Viscum album and V. cruciatum: Sex association, balanced lethals, sex ratios. Heredity 40:33-38.


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