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Advancing soil organic matter research: Synthesizing multi-scale observations, manipulations & models. 2018
Are biogeochemical responses linked to the microbial composition of a defined nutrient and microbial input to a large river? 2018
Bathymetric surveys of Council Grove and Marion reservoirs and harmful algal bloom (HAB) sediment coring at Milford Lake. 2018
Designing models to forecast how biogeochemical fluctuations in soil systems govern soil development, terrestrial water storage and ecosystem nutrient fluxes. 2018
Does nutrient form control harmful algal bloom (HAB) toxin release? 2018
Extending our knowledge base of the human and natural forcings of critical zone dynamics and evolution at the Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory. 2018
Farming for a smaller dead zone: How agricultural conservation practices, artificial drainage, and climate change affect water quality in Iowa. 2018
Funding for hosting 2018 Great Plains Limnology Conference at the KU Field Station. 2018
Kansas River, Sustainable Rivers Program – Identification of Environmental Flows to Support the Native Aquatic Community 2018
Microbes on the move: Exploring microbiomes through mobile museum experiences. 2018
Multivariate, spatio-temporal data analyses and interactive visualization to address harmful cyanobacterial blooms and water quality in lakes and reservoirs. 2018
Multivariate, spatio-temporal data analysis and interactive visualization to address harmful cyanobacterial blooms and water quality in lakes and reservoirs. 2018
Osage Ethnobotany at Pea Ridge National Military Park: Inventory and documentary project. 2018
P cycling in Milford Lake sediments. 2018
Re-inventory of Wetlands on the Prairie Band Potawatomie Reservation. 2018
Sampling large rivers in Kansas for the 2018-2019 USEPA National River and Streams Assessment 2018
Sediment coring at Marion and Sebelius reservoirs and HAB analyses. 2018
Surface and sediment core collection at Tuttle Creek Lake. 2018
U.S. County-level Corn & Soybean Yield Modeling and Brazil & Argentina Yield Model Development & Implementation. 2018
Benthic macroinvertebrate sampling 2017


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