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Evers Branchiopod Crustacean Surveys Sacramento, California 2011
Excelsior Branchiopod Habitat Assessment Sacramento, California 2011
Habitat associations and ecological niche modeling in eastern forest [snake] species Eastern Kansas 2011
Integrated use of surface and subsurface NMR for measuring and mapping saturated hydraulic conductivity in three dimensions. 2011
ITIS Database Development North America 2011
Kansas State Mosquito Surveillance Kansas 2011
Land Use Change over the Twentieth-Century in Central Mexico: Modern Photographs and Landscape Paintings from José María Velasco. 2011
Mapping Potential Inundation Extents along Central Kansas Waterways for Emergency Planning and Response. 2011
Merging trait-based and phylogentically-based approaches to understand plant community assembly dynamics. 2011
Murieta Branchiopod Crustacean Surveys Rancho Murieta, California 2011
National Easement Database Project 2011
National Wetland Condition Assessment South Dakota 2011
Powerhouse Branchiopod Crustacean Surveys Chico, California 2011
REU: Biofuels development--feedstock to tailpipe. 2011
StateView Program Development and Operations for the State of Kansas, 2011-2012 2011
Sycamore Creek Branchiopod Crustacean Surveys Chico, California 2011
The Kansas medicinal plant education and conservation project 2011
Tucker Oaks Branchiopod Crustacean Egg Bank Study Redding, California 2011
Using individual metabolism and body size to predict climate warming impacts on aquatic food webs 2011
Vegetation assessment of Fort Riley Military Reservation, Kansas Fort Riley, Kansas 2010


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