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Enter keyword, year, or other criterion to search all research projects. In the full list, individual projects are listed by the project name and the year the project began.

Contract for Professional Services between the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining and the University of Kansas 2006 International 2006
Cougar Sightings Statewide 2006
Echo Sounding for Bathymetry and Fish Surveys Douglas County 2006
Eco-forecasting in the Great Plains Great Plains 2006
EMAP-Great Rivers Reference Condition Research on the Missouri River in Kansas Missouri River along the Kansas border 2006
Forecasting Ecological Change in the Central Plains Central Plains 2006
GIS Mapping of Kirwin National Wildlife Refuge Phillips County 2006
GIS of Wild Turkey Data in Kansas Statewide 2006
Grassland community coalescence and diversity in response to nitrogen eutrophication: the interplay of species pools, niche-determinism and neutral processes Northeast Kansas 2006
Mapping and Characterization of Playa Basins on the High Plains of Western Kansas and Development of a Regional Subclass-Specific Guidebook for Applying the Hydrogeomorphic (HGM) Approach to Assessing Wetland Functions of Playa Basin Depressional Wetlands Western Kansas 2006
Mapping of Data for ECO2--a Douglas County Initiative Douglas County 2006
Models for the Management of Taste and Odor Events in Kansas Reservoirs--Phase 1 Research Kansas 2006
Prairie Dog Mapping - A Comparison of Survey Techniques Northwest Kansas 2006
Reference Wetlands of USEPA Region 7 USEPA Region 7 2006
Sediment Sampling in Kansas Reservoirs Statewide 2006
Supporting Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks Natural Resource Management Objectives Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing Technologies Statewide 2006
Taxonomic Concept Mapping and Associated Data Maintenance for the USDA PLANTS Database Nationwide 2006
Trout License Density and Distribution Statewide 2006
Winnebago Ethnobotany and Botanical Resources Project Kansas 2006
A Comparison of Multiple Strategies for the Introduction of Native Forms to Warm Season Grass Plantings Missouri 2005


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