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Enter keyword, year, or other criterion to search all research projects. In the full list, individual projects are listed by the project name and the year the project began.

Kansas Natural Heritage Update Kansas 2007
Lake Survey - Marion Reservior Marion Reservoir, Kansas 2007
Lake Survey - USACE Central Plains Reservoirs 2007
Land-fire Central US Plot Vegetation Data Central U.S. 2007
Mead's Milkweed Monitoring/Management Plan for Marais de Cygnes National Wildlife Refuge Marais de Cygnes National Wildlife Refuge 2007
Measuring Habitat Quality Using Floristic Quality Assessment Techniques in Selected Locations in the Cherokee County Superfund Site Cherokee County 2007
Natural Areas Inventory of the Fort Leavenworth Military Reservation Fort Leavenworth Military Reservation 2007
Prairie Chicken Data Analysis Statewide 2007
Prairie restoration and outreach in Eastern Kansas--Phase II Eastern Kansas 2007
Smooth Earth Snake in northeast Kansas, occurrence and ecology Northeast Kansas 2007
StateView Program, Website, and Imagery Development and Operations for the State of Kansas 2007-2009 Statewide 2007
Trail development at the University of Kansas Field Station and Ecological Reserves Northeast Kansas 2007
Vegetation Classification and Mapping for the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve and Homestead National Monument Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve 2007
2005 Kansas Land Cover Patterns - Level IV Statewide 2006
Ecological Forecasting: Cyberinfrastructure International 2006
Ecological Forecasting: 2005 Land Cover - Level I Kansas River Watershed 2006
Assessing Predisposition to Red Oak Borer-Induced Oak Mortality Using Dendrochronological Techniques Northeast Kansas 2006
Bathymetric Surveys of Kansas Reservoirs Statewide 2006
Contract for Professional Services between the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining and the University of Kansas 2006 International 2006
Cougar Sightings Statewide 2006


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