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Native Medicinal Plant Research Program


Researchers are combining ethnobotany (cultural use of plants) and chemistry to identify naturally occurring medicinal compounds that can be used in marketable natural remedies, health-care and cosmetic products, and veterinary treatments. This project, overseen by Dr. Barbara Timmermann (KU Department of Medicinal Chemistry) and Dr. Kelly Kindscher (Kansas Biological Survey), is being funded by a five-year, $5 million grant from Heartland Plant Innovations, Inc., a for-profit entity created to receive support from the Kansas Bioscience Authority. The KU Field Station provides a field site for growing plants, where factors such as water and nutrients can be adjusted to test their effect on the production of various plant compounds. The Field Station also serves as one of many collection sites for plant materials. For more information on this work, please see www.kbs.ku.edu/nativeplants.


Barbara Timmermann
Quinn Long
Hillary Loring
Echinacea angustifolia; more wild echinacea has been harvested in Kansas than in any other state.


Heartland Plant Innovations (Kansas Bioscience Authority)

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