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  • December 2000 Biocriteria Workshop on Stream Habitat Assessment

December 2000 Biocriteria Workshop on Stream Habitat Assessment

  • Date Held: 19 - 20 December 2000
  • Location: Simons Lab Auditorium, West Campus, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
  • Attendance:The conference was attended by 39 people from 8 states.


The objective of this meeting was to bring together water quality experts from various agencies in EPA Region 7 and surrounding areas for three purposes:

  1. To exchange knowledge on alternative methods for stream habitat assessment
  2. To share insights and discoveries from region-specific agency assessments
  3. To discuss needs and priorities for future development of reference site definitions, habitat assessment protocols, analysis and data-sharing techniques, etc


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Name Affiliation File Presentation Title
Ken Bazata NDEQ 267k Habitat Assessment in Nebraska
Steve Fischer MDNC
Columbia , MO
733 k Missouri Department of Conservation's Stream Habitat Assessment Methodologies
Randy Sarver MDNR
Jefferson City, MO
220 k Habitat Assessment Methodology and Intended Use of Habitat Data in Missouri
Scott Shasteen IL EPA
Marion, IL
572 k Habitat Assessment Methodology and Intended Use of Habitat Data in Illinois
Don Huggins CPCB
Lawrence, KS
2.25 M Near Stream, Far Stream, and Instream Variables: What the Scale Do They Explain?
Scott Niemala Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
St. Paul, MN
1.23 M Habitat Assessment Methodology and Intended Use of Habitat Data in Minnesota
Tom Wilton IDNR
Des Moines, IA
2.73 M Habitat Assessment Methodology and Intended Use of Habitat Data in Iowa
Sam Stribling Tetra Tech
Owens MIlls, SD
1.29 M Rapid Bioassessment Protocols: Habitat Assessment Methodology and Use of Data
Faith Fitzpatrick USGS 637 k Revised Methods for Characterizing Stream Habitat in the NAWQA Program
Lyle Cowles US EPA Region 7
Kansas City, KS
  Physical Habitat in Region 7 Streams: Why is it Important?

Other Workshop Resources

1. Discussion

On day two of the conference, attendees participated in a discussion session on Habitat Assessment Methods and Reference Site Selection Criteria. The session's neutral moderator was Kathleen Fenton, an EPA employee with a background in meeting facilitation but no vested interest in habitat assessment issues.

The discussion session had four primary objectives.

  1. Objective 1: Agree on intended uses of reference sites.
  2. Objective 2: Hone the reference site selection criteria.
  3. Objective 3: Agree on habitat measurement categories.
  4. Objective 4: Fill in selected categories with specific habitat measurement variables.

The first and second objectives relate to Reference Site Selection; the third and fourth objectives relate to Habitat Assessment in general.

2. Outcomes

Results of the discussions from day two were submitted to the Biocriteria Workgroup for additional analysis and refinement. Workshop attendees were given a list of questions to think about for follow up discussion at future workshops or meetings.

Click here to read a summary of the Discussion Results for all topics.
Click here to access the list of questions provided to each participant for follow up discussion.

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